A specialty bake shop in Stirling NJ


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See your favorite desserts & breads appear right before your eyes!


Flatbreads, Italian baguettes, muffins, cookies, and
specialty cakes are created right in front of you!
Enjoy the sights, sounds and (especially!) the smell of treats
fresh from the oven of our bustling little bakery!



Welcome to Gluten Free Gloriously! We bake fresh a wide variety of amazing gluten free foods daily! I am proud to say our products are the closest thing in both taste and texture to "gluten foods." We have items made without wheat, barley, oats, rye and usually soy. We cook all day and freeze at the day's end to offer you the freshest food possible. Everything is designed to defrost easily and to taste fresh. 


Our food is created for it's flavor, texture and taste. It is not necessarily for the weight-conscious or cholesterol-conscious person. Our mission is to enhance our limited eating experience and bring joy back to our palates!  




We loved meeting so many people






Gluten Free Gloriously    267 Main Avenue, Stirling NJ 07980     (908) 647-7337